Reviews and Cast of the Debt Movie 2007

film, debt, 2007A few personalities have posted their opinions about The Debt Movie 2007. Shmulik Cohen gives his opinion on 11 December 2007. He says that it is a thrilling movie. He is an Israelite. It is an interesting action relating to past events. It happens in early 1960s. There is ambush on the Nazis. There is execution of Adolph Eichman in Israel. There are agents on a mission to get the doctor of Birkenau Aushwitz. Rachel Brenner is among the agents. Several years on, she embarks on looking for Max Reiner. The events remain a secret over several years.

Kirk Honeycutt, the Hollywood Reporter, admits that the movie is a thriller. Its actions are just straight. The dilemma comes out very well. The turns of events are surprising. The whole cast is composite bringing out the theme of the movie.

There is one negative review of The Debt Movie 2007 review. "The Debt" to Chris Bumbray of JoBlo's movie, is not didactic. It would have been thrilling but for its mediocrity HBO film. It is inactive like the dust. He blames the director for this. The Debt is mediocre; the actions are in a passive manner.

The Debt Movie 2007 is a fulfilling thriller to Brad Brevet of Rope silicon. It is a time rebound. It is very real that one easily connects with it. The storyline has a fine symmetry. The thrilling aspect is the story's vital aspect. There is no overemphasis of events to create tension. The climax of the story and the romantic asides maintain the flow of the story.

The Debt Movie 2007 had various people who took several roles. Helen Mirren cast as Rachel Singer. The junior Rachel Singer's role was Jessica Chastain. Another lead actor was David whose real name is Ciaran Hinds. Sam Worthingston represented the role of young David. Tom Wilkinson cast as Stephan, while the junior Stephan was Marton Csokas. Romi Aboulafia played the role of Sarah as Jesper Christensen cast Dieter Vogel.