Celebrities and their dogs - Marilyn Monroe: Dogs never bite me

Marilyn Monroe was owner of many dogs, including Spaniel, Poodle and Chihuahua.

Norma Jeane Baker (born 1 June in Los Angeles, California), known worldwide under the name Marilyn Monroe, was always surrounded by animals. But most of all she loved dogs, considering them as much more sincere and committed creatures than many people. Her last dog lived several years more after her famous owner died.
"If you talk to a dog or cat, they would never tell you to shut up" - recalls the legendary blonde beauty in one of her interviews. The well-known actress, whose name is not forgotten until now, had several dogs. Even when she lived in poverty, going from one foster family to another, she was accompanied by her dogs. They stayed with Marilyn also when she has already achieved her success, but was still not understood by the majority. She was called incompetent silly pretty face, who felt in love with her own body. What was Marilyn, in fact, none of her husbands or lovers new. She was big dog lover perhaps only dog could understand Marilyn Monroe, could know what is she hiding deeply inside her soul. Dogs, like nobody else can keep secrets.

Black and white Tippy was presented to Norma Jean by her adoptive father, Albert Wayne Bolender. The dog accompanied his owner to school, and Norma Jean enjoyed playing with the dog on vacations. Dreams of a Prince Charming, who once would save her from the monotony of everyday life giddy little girl as a child, perhaps she confided them to her Tippy? Tippy was shot by a neighbor, who claimed that the dog was sneaking around his garden. It is interesting that in the last unfinished film, where Marilyn was starring in 1962, "Something has to happen", the dog was also named Tippy.

When Norma Jeane lived in Goddard family, she and her sisters shared a Spaniel. And after that, James Dougherty bought for Norma Jean a dog called Mussie, but when the young girl started to make a career, she had no time left for her four-legged friend and Mussie subsequently died from the "broken heart". It's only the people who can forget their dog, dogs never ever forget their owners. Next Marilyn Monroe dog was Chihuahua. When in 1948, Marilyn Monroe signed a contract with Columbia Pictures, she has already had another dog Chihuahua.

Dachshund Hugo appeared in Marilyn Monroe's life, when she lived with the famous writer Arthur Miller in their house on 57 Street in New York, but when Marilyn and Arthur divorced, Hugo stayed with Arthur. After that in the life of Marilyn appeared one more, this time the last, dog. Frank Sinatra in New York gave Marilyn a little white French Poodle, which was named Maf due to Sinatra's alleged links with the Mafia.

To annoy Arthur Miller, Merilyn Monroe has allowed Maf to sleep on a white beaver coat that Arthur gave her. According to those who knew the actress at that time, Maf was very spoiled and pampered dog. When Marilyn returned to Hollywood, the little white Poodle followed her. After Marilyn's death Maf was inherited by Frank Sinatra's secretary, Gloria Lovell.

Like many celebrities, lonely at heart, Marilyn received a sincere love only from her doggies. Finally, only little Maf remained faithful to her mistress, not using her money and fame. All her life and her attitude Marilyn Monroe expressed in one phrase: "Dogs never bite me. Only people. "