The film-industry of Russia will receive from the state in 2010 4,9 billion roubles

In 2010 state financing of the film-industry in Russia will grow on 55 % up to 4,9 billion roubles. The branch is translated from 2010 on new system of financing - the competitive system is translated on subsidizing. This money will go on financing of a wide spectrum of cinema production: author's, documentary, children's, animation films, and also full meter. Priority projects become the films directed " on formation of the valuable installations corresponding interests of the Russian society and strategic problems of development of the country ".

" In comparison with the last year the budget (for 2010) a cinema has grown on 55 % - the budget on cinema on a line of the state will make 4,9 billion roubles ", - minister of culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Avdeev on Tuesday before the beginning of session of the governmental Advice on development of a domestic cinema (the citation on RIA of News) has told to journalists.

" In 2010 we shall be obliged to let out more films, on all scale of let out products. These are films animation, author's, children's, adult full-length, documentary ", - Avdeev has specified.

According to Avdeev, also now in the country sharply there is a question of introduction of new technics in film-branch. " Unfortunately, has put here at us it is unsuccessful. We have not enough cinemas, it is few modern cinemas ", - minister has noted.

The first session of the governmental advice on development of domestic cinematography under Vladimir Putin's presidency has passed in a year after meeting in St.-Petersburg where has been brought a attention to the question about переведении since 2010 of film-branch on new system of financing. Then Vladimir Putin has promised since 2010, annually to allocate not less than 4,3 billion roubles for support of branch.

In same time, there will be 2 billion invested into software and technology movie industries on base of Skolkovo tech-center. In this center will be developed many movie tools - HD movie editor software, HD movie cameras, 3D HD TVs, etc.

2009 - on dying away

2009 was heavy for a domestic cinema. Instead of the roubles promised 3 billion the state has allocated for cinema 2,4 billion In it to year with the Russian cinematographers has been removed about 80 feature films (150 new projects earlier were planned). In pre-crisis 2008 domestic directors had been removed 348 films, and in hire send 85 from them. The Another matter, that efficiency of an expenditure of means causes huge questions - how many the Russian films reach the spectator, it is visible to the naked eye. Thus the mechanism of distribution of budgetary money in the Russian cinema for a long time works with a greater scratch. On the one hand the state wants, that the domestic cinema competed with Hollywood, but the budget allocated for it mismatches desires. So, the state could finance no more than 70 % (but no more than $1 million) costs of film. For the big scale project this sum is ridiculous. For example, in "Admiral" at the budget in $20 million state support гоставила 5 %, and gathering in hire have exceeded $33 million On the other hand, it is important to remove competitive author's things, to support debutants - without it there will be no development of a cinema.

Many debutants trying to create own home made videos using movie authoring and editing software. This software helps to create movies with extra low budgets, using only 1 camera for recording source video.