The film-industry of Russia - Priority subsidizing

Since 2010, in Russia the new system of financing - on the basis of subsidizing will start to operate. " Instead of competitive system we pass to the grant, the role of the ministry, commissions of experts " therefore increases, - Alexander Avdeev has reminded today.

It is supposed, that means at a rate of 4,9 billion roubles will distribute in several directions. Priority projects will be national movies, cultural and social movies - production which is directed, according to prime-minister, " on formation of the valuable installations corresponding interests of the Russian society and strategic problems of development of the country ". For manufacture of such films it will be allocated 2 billion roubles. Under such formulation patriotic historical films, remakes of known films, biographies of known people get. As representatives of the ministry of culture earlier marked, on this money it is supposed to make the order of 10 pictures in a year, that is the average budget of tapes of a similar sort will be nearby 200 million roubles or nearby $7 million.

1 billion roubles will go on support of mass cinema. As much will go on animation, author's experimental cinema, debut movies, new movies for children and so forth have not forgotten and about promotion - nearby 300 million roubles will go on indemnification of expenses for promotion of films which has visited more than 1 million person. Remained 600 million have appeared already after the statement of the budget for 2010, participants of the market speak.

The talent generates money

At today's session of the governmental advice Vladimir Putin also has called cinematographers to improve sharply quality of a product and to strengthen the positions in the international market. " We possess the richest cinema heritage, our films traditionally receive prestigious awards at the international festivals, however " only each sixth Russian movie is demanded in foreign hire and collects there no more one fifth from the Russian audience ", - prime-minister has declared. In opinion of prime-minister, a problem of the film-industry not in quantity of money and not in tax privileges, and as management of these resources. The state can support, - Putin has added, - but that to it is uninteresting cannot force to look the spectator.

" Nikita Sergeevich (Mikhalkov) prononce how many it is necessary money to make this qualitative jerk. Always it is not enough money, and it is even less than good ideas, talented works. But not money generate talent, and talents generate money ", - has noticed the head of the government.

Authorities count, that financial injections in a cinema will allow to increase some years prior to third share of the Russian films in hire.

" Manufacturers always speak, that it is not enough money, and on the other hand consumers complain, that it is not enough good pictures, - general director Movie Research Oleg Ivanov has noted - and 4,9 billion can be enough for essential support of branch, it is important as these means will be used ". However, how selection of "worthy" projects till now not absolutely clearly, no less than the mechanism of distribution of means will be spent. Unfortunately, the concrete scheme of distribution of grants till now and is not certain, the expert has concluded.