You all probably know how much I adore Comedy Central, the network that brought us "The Daily Show", "South Park", great stand-up, "Kids in the Hall" reruns and other great shows I've enjoyed. I'm pretty much willing to give any new Comedy Central show a fair shake.

But they've got a new comedy show coming up that I really can't abide. "Stella", troupe comedy. Normally this would be right up my alley, but I'm not even going to bother watching this (well, don't hold me to that).

Not because the premise, what I've seen of it anyways, is anything that should bother anyone. It's that it has Michael Ian Black in it.

For the record, I hate, and I'm using the work "hate" here, Michael Ian Black. Can't stand the no-talent hack. He ruined "Ed", a show I enjoyed except every week there would be his goddamn Steve character ready to do some retarded, unfunny crap. Then he kept popping up on those god-awful "I Love the 80's" and "I Love the 90's" shows on VH1. Even worse, he keeps showing up on "Celebrity Poker Showdown", a show I actually enjoy. I think he's on that show because he knows how much I enjoy it, and he knows how much I truly, truly hate the asshole, and he does it just to fuck with me.

That's right, I think he takes my disdain for his boring, retarded lifeless comedy personally and is personally trying to get back at me. Some would argue that he probably doesn't even know who I am, to which I say: If that were true, why would he intentionally try to ruin two different shows I like? Obviously this grudge is a two-way street. But mine is justified, based on years of having to sit through his non-schtick-schtick. What'd I ever do to him?

I mean, yeah, so I ordered a hundred and fifty-three pizzas to his hotel room once, and sure, once I stole his cat just to piss him off, but that's no reason to intentionally target my shows, right?