Jaws 30th Anniversary DVD

I bought "Jaws" on VHS. It's one of the first movies I bought when I started collecting them. I already had most of it from a television broadcast from years earlier.

Later, somewhere in the mid nineties, they released a letterboxed version on VHS. So, I swooped that one up, gave my old copy to a friend, and continued to enjoy the sharky-goodness.

Five years ago, they released "Jaws" on DVD to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the movie. Well, of course I had to pick that up. As a bonus, it had a nice little documentary or something.

Now, for the 30th anniversary, they're releasing it again in a special-"Special Edition".

So, I'm pretty torn. On the one hand, you know, it's pretty inexpensive and does have a few bits of new stuff. But on the other hand... Even for a movie I love, buying it four times is a little ridiculous. Plus in a few years, I'm just gonna have to buy it again on Hi-Def, right?