Ice age 4: Continental drift

ice-ageThe most spectacular, unique and most enjoyable ice age series came to screen as the continental drift. It got released on July 13, 2012 and it is the second instalment of Ice age that utilizes the technology of Digital 3D. It was filmed with the aspect ratio of 2.39:1. The film was distributed by 20th century fox. If we see this film from the view and perspective of a child the film is really amazing and heart catching.

Generally all the films that are narrated for kids will be supposed to have some moral contents, but it is exception from such cases. In this though it didn’t have any sort of moral values this film tells the importance of the family and the attachment that everyone should have with their family members.

It also tells our parent’s words may sounds angrily but those will be definitely for our welfares. The main part of the movie starts with the separation from its wife Ellie, daughter peaches and also from his extended family of fellow animals. Manny the male mammoth, is worrying for his daughter for her crush on Ethan and hence he chides peaches in the presence of her friends. Meanwhile, the sloth Sid is sent with its Granny, a most talkative sloth.

This granny turns out as most amusing and interesting character. When we all think and enjoy the fine moving film comes the reason of the title, their continent gets drifted and the land masses get broken into parts. And by this the Manny, sid, granny and Diego got separated and they were floating in a piece of ice.

Their family thus got split into two groups. They are planned to reach a bridge within certain elapsed time. On the way of journey over ice, they got caught by the pirates of the ocean headed by the ape called Captain Gutt. Manny and its team had a very tough time by fighting off the Master of the seas that is the ape. Then the ape broke the ship in which these animals sail. And thus they are in need of a ship to travel over.

During this the saber of the team of the ape was caught under the custody of the manny, then the diego and that saber falls head over heels in love with each other. They invade the ship of the ape with master plan and help of squirrels. And they led their way to the bridge to which they are promised to come. The movie ends with the risky and thrilling fight between the ape’s team and Manny’s family. Finally the ape was swollen by a whale which was made as the pet by Granny sloth. And thus the movie ends with the beautiful moments.