Best 5 Recommended Ways of Efficient DVDs Organization

Most likely if you are reading this article, you must have a collection of DVD movies, which you have been collecting from childhood. Back then you spent your pocket money on new movies , and now you allocate part of your salary on it. DVD disks with movies are a great present for any holiday or event. Every disk may have its own story – whether your close friend gave it to you when he left, or you purchased this DVD in another country… But what if someday you want to watch a particular movie you have, or listen to a music CD, but can not find it? Probably the first thing you think about is choosing the system or software to organize cd/dvd disks you have.

Below there are some recommendations on organizing your movies:
The first thing you need to pay attention to is very common problem, which is often ignored. Before doing anything else make sure that every DVD lays in the right box. If there are no boxes for some DVDs you probably need to purchase or make some type of holder for it (may be an envelope or something similar). It may be very disappointing if you watched the other movie instead of one you really wanted to watch at the moment.

Simplest way of organizing your movies has always been the ‘Alphabetical order’ way. This will make your collection efficient – not only you, but also other people will be able to easily find whatever movie they need.

The way which is not as simple as first one, but is still popular, is arranging your movies according to their genre. In this technique you have to store all fantastic movies together, all action movies together, and comedies together, etc. This way is great when you want to watch a movie of a particular genre. In this case we suggest you to also apply sub-genres (for example, family comedy, romantic comedy, and so on). However, this way is better if you don’t have many DVDs.

If you a fanatic of movie – probably you know which director has filmed which movie. In this case you may easily apply the way of arranging your collection according to the name of movie’s director. You may name your collection like following: Stephen Spielberg collection, Tarantino collection, etc. Such collection will be helpful if you decide to make a ‘director’s movie marathon’ with your friends on weekends.

Also there are other ideas of organizing your movies: leading actors, awards taken by the movie, release year. If you have many documentary movies it will be a great idea to store them separately from non-fiction ones. You may use one of the ways described above, or come up with your own one.

If your movies are on the PC, you can use movie organizer software.

Helpful and efficient tip: always keep movies of the same series attached together. The same is true for the movies, which come out in several episodes (e.g. Starwars, The Lord of the Rings, etc.).