As one

as-oneIt is story which tells the most painful moment which paves its way to unite the divided nation by winning gold in the world table tennis at the year 1991. The director narrates the same event in the most enjoyable way. As one is the Korean movie directed by Moon Hyung-Sung and it was written by Kwon Seong.hwi and Yoo Yeong-ah. This film was released on 3rd may of 2012 and it was distributed by CJ E&M. The film runs roughly around 2 hours. In 1987, the Korean Air Flight 858 was bombed in mid-air in North Korea.

This makes the Korean peninsula to get broke into North and South Korea. They made a agreement and they form a unified team for World Table Tennis championship for women held in Chiba. In the game the two players are supposed to be played against each other for the victory of their team despite of their individual goals and mind. This sequence acted as the back bone to the film as one. In the starting Li Bun of North Korea faces against Hyun Jung of South Korea and Bun hui was defeated.

Then Jung also got defeated by Deng of china in the next round. Thus china achieved gold in that Olympics. Then after 6 months, they are under heavy training and at that time it got announced that the both North and South Korea will be united as the single unit with a new unified flag that was designed. The new unified team was lead by Jo Nam. During the time, the player of North and South Korea made many fights and quarrels as they are provided with a same room to stay together.

But this fight and misunderstanding were stopped as they were trained together. At initial they both performs merely and as days roll on, they both started to have a united bond. The bond becomes very strong and they we made as friends. In the mean while in order to make the team weak the unity of the team of Korea was disturbed by the Chinese. And again the politics change and they made announcement again to disband the Korean team and they asked the two women to prove their people that teamwork is more required and it s needed to eradicate the most dark and painful shadows of their past history.